AWS Hosted Pelican Site 2

Posted on Fri 30 June 2023 in AWS host Pelican • Tagged with Python, S3, CodeCommit, CloudWatch, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, Pelican

In part 1 we set up and deployed a static website generated with Pelican, a general-purpose framework that enables rapid generation of static websites. Content is written in markdown (.md), and Pelican generates the corresponding HTML, JSON, and CSS files. Now that we have this Pelican site set up and …

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Automate Election Night Returns Scraping With AWS Lambda

Posted on Sun 26 June 2022 in Election Modeling • Tagged with Python, AWS Lambda, S3, EventBridge, CloudWatch

To build our ‘Election Margin Projection Model’, we need to capture election night vote counts. Unfortunately, most archives of election results only record final vote tallies, but we need vote count as a time series during the tally process throughout election night(or election weeks as has been the custom …

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